necrovisionThe folks over in Australia really suffer because of a lack of an adult videogame rating, which has caused another victim: Necrovision, a gory but otherwise boring and dull first person shooter from The Farm 51 and 1C Company. However, the Australian Classification Board considered the title too violent and decided to ban it.

Which is sad since, as I said, it?s not at all a remarkable or memorable product and gamers will generally go through it easily, without breaking to many sweats or screams. But the Board did what it does best and left the Australian gamers without a title to try.

According to them, the ?blood spray? and possibility to further hit enemies after they?re dead was too much to handle, therefore it was considered too violent and banned. But probably 1C Company will try to edit the game?s content for Australia and it will eventually hit the stands. Without the blood spray, though, which doesn?t matter that much anyway.