nba2k7NBA 2K7 is a basketball simulation game and the first one in the franchise to support motion sensing controllers via the Sixaxis controller (a PlayStation 3 exclusive feature). The game was released on November 13, 2006 by 2K Sports, featuring Shaquille O’Neal on the cover. As a fun fact it can be noted that Shaq’s ex-teammate Kobe Bryant was on the cover or rival Sony basketball game NBA 07. Below you will find a full collection of cheat codes for NBA 2K7 for PlayStation 3:


Topps NBA 2K7 team
Enter topps2ksports as a code.

International All-star team
Enter tns9roi as a code.

NBA 2K team
Enter bestsim as a code

Superstar team
Enter rta1spe as a code.

Unlimited stamina
Enter norest as a code.

Maximum durability
Enter ironman as a code.

+10 Defensive Awareness
Enter getstops as a code.

+10 Offensive Awareness
Enter inthezone as a code.

ABA ball
Enter payrespect as a code.

Bobcats alternate jersey
Enter bcb8sta as a code.

Jazz alternate jersey
Enter zjb3lau as a code.

Hornets Valentine’s Day jersey
Enter vdr5lya as a code.

Nets alternate jersey
Enter nrd4esj as a code.

All-Star jersey
Enter syt6cii as a code.

St. Patrick Day jerseys
Enter tpk7sgn as a code to unlock St. Patrick Day jerseys for the Knicks, Bulls, and Celtics.


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