If you found the My Empire review interesting and the same happened with the game, then you probably sit in front of the computer having a low-level empire that’s crawling to meet your goal: that of becoming one of the best empires on Facebook. Fortunately, I am here to share with you some My Empire tips and tricks in what we can consider a My Empire strategy guide. If it sounds nice, read on!

1. The Basics – how to play the game

The game is played using the mouse: the thing you should get used to doing regularly is clicking the Tax Collector button in the top left of the screen, since that’s where your money will come from. The buildings can be accessed by clicking the hammer button and research, after you’ve built your Academy, by clicking the vial button. Try building as many houses as possible, but also build buildings that increase happiness in My Empire – always keep an eye on the tab in the upper right corner that shows the general happiness and maximum capacity of your empire. Your population is decided by the lowest of the two numbers.

2. How to earn fast coins in My Empire?

After starting the game, your first goal will be that of getting as many coins as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you can’t get dirty rich immediately, but there are some tips for you to increase the flow of coins:

– collect the taxes on time – the general rule of thumb is that you have double the time required for the tax collecting process to be ready until the money are lost. This means that if you get the tax collector that’s ready in 5 minutes, you have to return sometime in 5-10 minutes, otherwise you will lose all the money!
– try using the 5 minute tax collector as often as possible as it gives the biggest earning per 24 hours!
– increase your population: more population increases the tax rates!
– visit your neighbors: you will get money each time you visit a new friends (including Antonius)
– log in daily to get the Gift from the Gods: the more consecutive days you log in, the more money you get!

General My Empire tips and tricks:

– having neighbors in My Empire is vital. Therefore use this post I just created to get more My Empire neighbors.
– keep an eye on the capacity/decoration bar and try to keep a balance. There’s no point in having one of the numbers a lot bigger than another!
– if you don’t have My Empire neighbors, don’t even bother placing the free buildings on your land. You will never be able to build them, so they’ll use up valuable space.
– sit back, relax and have fun. Social games are not titles to be “won”, so just prepare for a long and enjoyable ride with the game!