In the My Empire review I’ve just published I told you just how important (quite vital, I’d dare to say) having neighbors really is. However, since Playfish’s game is quite young and certainly you don’t have too many friends playing, I decided to create this post where you’ll be helped to get more My Empire neighbors, without spamming!

Of course, there are methods like searching for My Empire players on Facebook, sending them a message asking if they’d like to be neighbors and hope that they reply, but there’s a easier method too: simply post a link to your profile in the comment section below and My Empire players all over the world will start to add you and problem will be solved! This is certainly a guaranteed way to gain more neighbors and, why not, friends, but please do not try to spam the Unigamesity either!

How to post your Facebook link in the comments to get more My Empire neighbors? Simply log in to your Facebook account and in the upper left corner, right click on your name. Select the “Copy link location” option and then come to the Unigamesity and paste the link near the URL tab (or Website tab). This way, people who will be clicking your name, will be taken straight to your Facebook profile and be allowed to become your My Empire neighbors.

Please DO NOT post your e-mail here or any other information, it WILL BE DELETED! Let’s keep it nice and clean!