As your restaurant’s popularity increases, customers come in at a faster rate as well. You need to prepare your food and drink orders quicker. Restaurant City has special function items that can help you serve food and drinks faster. One of these items is the Valentine Stove.

But if you didn’t get the heart-shaped stove last Valentine’s Day, then you’re in luck. For a limited time offer, you can purchase a Valentine Stove from the Playfish Cash Shop in Restaurant City. You have to act fast because the stove is only available until May 25.

What’s nice about the Valentine Stove is that it cooks eight percent faster than the ordinary stove. That means your waiter can serve the food faster to your customer. You can buy one for twelve Playfish Cash.

There are two more limited edition items that are available until May 26. These are the Cactus Dispenser that serves drinks ten percent faster and the Tortilla Stove that cooks twelve percent faster. These were part of Mexican week and are priced at eight Playfish Cash each.

The Valentine Stove is brought back because of the Wedding theme in Restaurant City this week. It’s your chance to grab one for your restaurant.