FarmVille decided to surprise us all with a really welcomed update that added an extra Co-Op job for those who were starting to get bored with the existing ones: the Baby Bunny Rescue is the new cute co-op in FarmVille and if you want to get all the details about it, read on!

As the name suggests, this new co-op job requires players to grow carrots in order to rescue some cute little baby bunnies: “Help! I just found an abandoned litter of baby rabbits! They’re mighty hungry, can you grow me carrots to feed them?” – this is job’s description and I’m sure you and your friends will!

You need to grow 1350 carrots in less than 23 hours and 2 minutes in order to grab the gold award for the job, which might be a little tricky unless you use Unigamsity’s Quick Co-op Job Guide. However, it’s worth the trouble since the Baby Bunny Rescue offers a Gray Rabbit as the Gold reward.

Please note that this job is available only for players level 22 and above, so if you’re below this level, you won’t see it added in your list of FarmVille co-op jobs.

Will you try to complete this new job?