A new limited and really special animal has been introduced in FarmVille today: the Wild Mustang, a new horse that has to be wrangled if you wish to keep it on your farm. Pretty cool, right? So, if you’re wondering how to get a wild mustang for your farm and you’re curious to find out all the details about this cool new animal, read on and your questions will be answered.

How can you get a FarmVille Wild Mustang?

This is a random event that takes place on every farm IF some requirements are met: you have a minimum of five neighbors and you’ve given FarmVille permission to contact you by e-mail. If so, a pop up message will appear: “You’ve spotted a Wild Mustang on your farm! You need 5 of your friends to help wrangle the mustang within 3 days if you want to keep her”

Clicking the “Ask for help” button will show you a list of neighbors you can… ask for help (they too need to have had allowed FarmVille to contact them by email). You can only ask for the help of 15 of your neighbors.

After you select the neighbors, they will receive an email asking them to help you with your Wild Mustang. If 5 of them respond to your e-mail request within 3 days, you’ll get the mustang. Also each friends that responds can choose to receive a message each day that you still need help you to wrangle your Mustang – so you don’t actually need 5 different people to respond to your request!

Once you’ve started the process of wrangling your Wild Mustang, you can check your progress by hovering your mouse over the Wild Mustang icon in the upper-left corner of your screen.

If you can’t get five neighbors to help you within these three days, you’ll be allowed to purchase the Wild Mustang for Farm Cash. The initial cost of the horse is 20 FC, but it lowers down depending on how many friends helped you (so if 1 friend help you, the cost will be lowered down to 16 Farm Cash).

A very cool new FarmVille feature that keeps us all involved. Did you get your Wild Mustang yet?