big-sister0bioWith BioShock 2 coming, everybody is starting to wonder what kind of surprises we’re going to get ? we already know about the existence of Big Sisters in the upcoming title, but that was about everything we knew. Until now, because GameInformer has much more details on the upcoming first person shooter.

Therefore, we do know now that Big Daddy will still be part of the upcoming game ? actually the starring role. But he won’t be alone, as he is just the ?first? Big Daddy fighting against other Big Daddies for a Little Sister. Sounds absolutely stupid if you take it out of the context, but we all know how cool this will actually be.

Also, just like in the original title, in BioShock 2 we’ll also have a choice between adopting the Little Sisters or harvesting them for ADAM. The Little Sisters themselves will be of big importance to us, offering the much valued ADAM and warning us of potential threats ? one of the biggest being the already announced Big Sister, who is faster and probably stronger. But we’ll get to see that with our own eyes whenever more official details are released. Until then, if you really need to receive even more BioShock 2 details, seek out and buy the latest GameInformer magazine.