modern-warfare2Well, sometimes it’s nice to be a computer gamer, especially during rough times like this: the Modern Warfare 2 servers are down (basically the entire Xbox Live is down) so players should try to find alternatives to their online play. That is, of course, computer gaming!

Of course, I’m just saying since I know that even in the Modern Warfare 2 servers are down, nobody will spend some extra money just to be able to keep playing the game. Such things happen and I’m sure that Microsoft and their technicians are working to find a fix.

There is no estimated time when the Modern Warfare 2 servers will be back up, so you might wish to check out some other options (or go to sleep!). It’s been already a few hours since these problems with the servers started – the Xbox live servers, that is – and there are no reports regarding the reason why this happened, nor when will they be back up.

So… if Modern Warfare 2 servers are down on the Xbox, would you switch to the PC version just for the sake of continuous play?