the-sims2Electronic Arts has released The Sims 3 for quite a while already, but there are still some tricks that can be learned to alter at least a little bit the way The Sims 3 looks, feels and it’s played. In this article we’re going to learn three very valuable things regarding our Sims: how to make them age faster, how to stop them from aging at all and how to avoid a Sims’ death!

First things first – how to age Sims faster in The Sims 3?
It’s pretty simple and easy to do: just purchase a birthday cake for your Sim(s) and make them blow the candles. They’ll age up instantly, even if it’s not their birthday.

How to stop your Sims from Aging in The Sims 3?
You can do it without cheating! Simply go to the game’s Options, then the “Game options” category. Simply uncheck the box near the “Aging” tab and your sims will never get old. Alternately, you can set the Lifetime bar to whichever amount you wish (from 25 days to 960), therefore making your sims age slower or quicker.

Finally, how to avoid a Sim’s death in The Sims 3?
This involves a bit of traveling: go to the Pleasant Rest Graveyard and search near the gate for the “Death Flower Bush”. When you find it, harvest the flower and keep it in your Sim’s inventory. When he or she dies, they can give that flower to the Grim Reaper and get resurrected. It’s a one thing only, though…

I hope you found this Sims 3 tips and tricks useful!



  1. You can also prevent death by having the “unlucky” trait. The Grim Reaper will say it would be a shame to take you away from the world, and says he’ll take you some other time. I don’t know how long it’s good for, though…

  2. I’ve gone into options trying to make my sims age slower, but the controls wont move. I try grabbing them with my mouse, but they are grey and paralyzed. How do I change that?

  3. This is good site to look at to make a sim become alive again but how do i make the days normal because mine are all 960 days old and stuff like that.


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