bioshoc2-weaponsNow that all the BioShock 2 problems have been solved, we can focus on other – and a lot more fun – things, like the BioShock 2 weapons. Read on to find out all the details about all the BioShock 2 weapons Subject Delta can take advantage of, as well as tips and tricks about the weapons who can now be upgraded and used together with various types of ammunition.

The Drill
This is your basic melee weapon – a very powerful offensive one! You can use it to bore into enemies, draining their health, or you can charge your enemies with a single attack. The Drill needs Drill Fuel to operate, and that can be found throughout your adventure or as loot from fallen enemies. Usually you will get it from Vending Machines, even though there is some free fuel scattered around the map.

Just like all weapons, the Drill has three upgrade stages (which can be applied at Power to the People stations) and the first two upgrades must be applied before upgrading to the final, special upgrade. Here are the three upgrades of The Drill:

1. Extra damage
2. Less fuel consumption
3. Using it bonbces projectiles back to the attacker.

Rivet Gun
This is a semi-automatic ranged weapon. It is very useful and it can cause a lot of damage. Also, it is very accurate so it’s a great choice for your Subject Delta, especially if you use the alternate ammo types (Heavy rivets especially). Here are the upgrades of the Rivet Gun in BioShock 2:

1. Larger clip size (18)
2. Extra damage
3. All rivets have a chance to set an enemy on fire

Machine (Gatling) Gun
Rapid, dealing lots of damage and completely automatic ranged weapon – that’s the Gatling Gun! It is extremely useful for fighting against Big Daddies (with the Armor-Piercing Rounds) or against regular enemies (basic and Anti Personnel rounds). Here are the three possible upgrades of the Gatling Gun:

1. Extra damage
2. Reduced recoil
3. Even more damage

Not my favorite, but definitely a great choice for close combat situations, especially against the Splicers. It is a devastating weapons (especially with the alternate ammo – solid slug and phosphorous slugs which set the targets on fire) but it has a really slow fire rate. Here are the upgrades of the shotgun:

1. Extra damage
2. Larger clip size (6, which is a must!)
3. Chance to electrocute targets.

Spear Gun
A “sniper” – a high damage one too that is very slow but produces lots of pain to your enemies! It can also nail your enemies to the scenery, so it’s highly useful. However, on the not-so-cool side is its huge reload time. Here are the upgrades of the Spear Gun:

1. Extra damage
2. Better zooming
3. Faster reloading.

The last weapon you’ll get, and a truly devastating one. It fires grenades, mines or even heat-seeking RPGs, so you can imagine how powerful it is – but it can also hurt you too if you don’t have the necessary upgrades:

1. Larger clips
2. Makes you immune to splash damage of the explosions
3. Multiplied explosions – a real feast for the eyes!

Except for the weapons, you can equip a Hack Tool that allows you to hack from a distance Security devices and turrets and it also has an alternative ammo (Mini-turrets) that proves very useful in key points of the game.

Also, you can use the Research Camera to gain various bonuses for destroying enemies while the camera is recording. Pretty sick, like in the first game!