It’s becoming a habit to have downloadable content released immediately after the launch of your games, and DICE makes no exception from the rule: the developers have announced the launch of seven new Time Trial maps for Mirror’s Edge, plus an extra PlayStation 3 exclusive one. Interesting, right?

There are not a lot of details regarding the upcoming maps, but we’d dare to believe that Faith will have to run, climb, jump and run again to make even Forrest Gump jealous. We’ll see for sure when it gets released, by the end of January. Here is what DICE’s senior producer Owen O’Brien says about the upcoming Mirror’s Edge downloadable maps:

“The freedom of movement and control in first person has been the most popular aspect of Mirror’s Edge so we decided to distil these down to their purest form for this map pack.” He adds: “We deliberately chose a more abstract aesthetic that is still within our distinctive art style and then focused on flow and gameplay to create an experience and challenge very different from the main game.”

The DLC pack will be available for purchase for 800 MS points or $10, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 consoles and even for the upcoming PC version.