Microsoft Promise Windows 7 Will Be Great for Games

Microsoft Promise Windows 7 Will Be Great for Games

win7Younger gamers would be tempted to believe that consoles are everything when it comes to gaming and, even more, that Microsoft’s only focus is the Xbox 360. Well, that would be wrong, since the company has big plans regarding PC gaming, too: according to them, the upcoming Windows 7 will take a leap forward, at least games-wise, compared to the flawed Vista.

“Windows 7 will be great for games, undoubtedly,” said Microsoft’s VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business for the EMEA region, Chris Lewis to GamesIndustry. “It’s all good news – it’s even more robust, it’s quicker relatively, and the early testing cycles are proving very promising overall.

Even more, Lewis teased us adding that there is “more to say” later this year and I, personally, am waiting. Also, he wend on to say that Microsoft is still committed to PC gaming and that the company hopes to improve their Games for Windows service and turn it into a real deal:

“Ultimately we’re a Windows and PC company at heart, and that’s not going to change, and the development on both platforms will remain central and important. The business ebbs and flows, and there will be times when we do more on one platform than the other, but they do co-exist very nicely, and as a company we’re in a pretty unique position that we have a strong legacy on PC,” he said and I’m sure that’s a really pleasant thing to hear from a company who gets so much profit from their Xbox 360 consoles.