The future of the classic short legged lover boy Larry was in doubt following the Activision-Blizzard merger, since LSL: Box Office Bust, the latest title scheduled for release, was dropped by Vivendy and after the epic fail (aka Leisure Suite Larry: Magna Cum Laude) there weren’t many publishers left to pick up the game.

However, it appears that Codemasters liked the idea of a new game featuring Larry and picked up the rights to publish Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC by the end of the year. And hopefully the game will be an improvement over the previous MCL adventure and Activision won’t decide that they haven’t dropped the game, actually.

In Box Office Bust, players will be put in the shoes of Larry Lovage, the original Larry’s nephew, who will explore Hollywood as we don’t know it. Promising to deliver tons of humor and parodies to well known films, this title could mark the rebirth of a franchise or it’s last attempt to survive. And since I loved the first games in the franchise, I do hope it’s going to be a hit.