It seems that these days there are a lot of things happening in the MMOG’s sector, that’s why a little round-up might help us clear things out a bit.

As you already may know, Blizzard announced that Wrath of the Lich King, the second expansion pack of World of Warcraft, will be available only on DVD. All the gaming industry made an interpretation that this ‘act’ is the end of the CD. Now, really, I think the CD is “dead” for a long time now. I can’t imagine any ‘gamer’ that still has only a CD-ROM unit in his PC.

Electronic Arts announced that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning after only one week has already over 500.000 active players. The previous record was held by Age of Conan (400.000 players). Also, Warhammer could have another record: almost 400 gold spammers have been banned since the release of the game.

EVE Online, one of the most complex MMO universe, is entering the election campaign these days for the Council of Stellar Management. The Council will actively function for 6 month. EVE is the only MMOG that tries tot simulate a real democracy, offering players real decision power.
Also, EVE will receive a patch for the Jita solar system, that should completely ‘restructure’ the system.