There was a rumor that The Chronicles of Spellborn could have been free to play but a new press release from Acclaim says that TCoS will have a monthly fee. The rumor was started by a vague press release, that was trying to state that Chronicles of Spellborn will have a special zone (the starting area) that is going to be available for free, just like a trial, but if you want to advanced in the game you have to pay a regular subscription.

Here it is the original press release:

“To sum up:

You can play the beginning of the game for free. This allows you to see whether you like Spellborn or not. If you do like it (we hope so :)), then you go for a subscription and that’s it! Nothing more, nothing less, just go ahead and continue playing.

Rather than offering the usual “14 days trial” or similar, we decided to go for this free2play starting zone. This will allow you more time to get a good feel on the combat system and on the questing, and in general to give a good impression on what Spellborn is all about.

At the end of the day, if you want to have a character and level it, access all the gameplay and zones of the game, you go for the regular subscription.”