Aside from the Player Updates in the Home Page of Mafia Wars, players have a new way of staying informed with the various activities and events that happens within the game.

A few days ago players might have seen the Mafia Wars M Logo with signal on the top of the screen, alongside the other Zynga promos and the in-game mail icon. Click on this icon to open the Live Updates Beta page.

But unlike the old Players Updates, the Live Updates popup lets the player view your attackers’ profiles, send help your mafia members with their war, get bonus, send items to mafia members, and a lot more.

You can sort the updates from the Recent, Type, and Person. When you choose Recent, it will show the most recent action at the Top. Choosing Type, the updates will be categorized according to Attacked, Collection, Fight, Wars – Help Needed, Burners, Job Help, Episode complete bonus, Chop Shop, and Robbery.

It is said that the Live Updates feature will be part of Mafia Wars 2.0, along with the revamped New York.  Do you think this feature is helpful than the current Player Updates in the Home Page?