You know that I’ve been advocating helping others in Frontierville by visiting your neighbors but there’s another way that you can help them. You could plant at least five crops needed for neighbor tending goals.

Some of the crops needed for neighbor tending goals include Tomato, Pumpkin, Flax, Corn, Wheat, Pea, and Corn. But based from my experience, looking for Eggplants among my neighbors was the hardest. You’ll need just three Eggplants to tend for a goal but I had to wait for a few days before I got one of my neighbors to plant them for me. Even Jack’s Homestead doesn’t have Eggplants.

This also goes for Trees and Animals. Apple Pies and Ribeyes are some of the things that are hard to come by in Frontierville. It helps to be neighbors who have them in their homestead. IT gives you a better chance of getting those items.

You need to help your neighbors in Frontierville and they help you. And don’t be shy to ask for help. Maybe your neighbor is stuck with a goal and he/she needs your help as well.