Zynga recently announced that the Gold Treasure Chests will now contain four new items that were not offered in the marketplace before. I can’t find the list of the new items but according to a source three of the four items are Auto Caliber (52 Attack 21 Defense), Frost Gear (25 Attack 49 Defense), and Tea Leaf (27 Attack 51 Defense).

The other items available from the Gold Treasure Chest include Ballesta de Muneca (40 Attack 20 Defense), Fugama Gureihaundo-X (22 Attack 41 Defense), Guerrilla Bodyguard (25 Attack 44 Defense), Inferno SAM Launcher (40 Attack 25 Defense), Iron Bull (28 Attack 42 Defense), Lobotomizer (39 Attack 14 Defense), Personal Watercraft (40 Attack 14 Defense), and Sneak Attack (43 Attack 22 Defense).

Aside from these items, you have the chance to receive up to 1,000 Reward Points. Gold Treasure Chest is a random drop from doing jobs. You need a Gold Treasure Chest Key to open it. This can be purchased at the Marketplace for 9 Reward Points. You can buy the Gold Treasure Chest Key for 5 Reward Points during an hourly sale.