Treasure Isle map fragments are here, allowing you to replay already finished islands and increase your chances of finding even more treasure. In this article I will tell you everything about this new Treasure Isle feature, including details on how to get more Replay Map Fragments and how to use them!

So… what is the Treasure Isle Map Fragment?

It is a new feature that allows you to replay an already completed level (island) if you have enough fragments available – the more advanced the island. the more map fragments you need.

How to get more Maps Fragments?

There are three methods to get more replay fragments: first and the most expensive is that of purchasing the fragments directly from the store. 10 Fragments cost 5 Island Cash, while 40 Fragments come at a discount price and “only” cost 18 IC.

However, you can post a feed on your wall asking for Map Fragments from your neighbors. In order to request Map Fragments in Treasure Isle, you should log in and click the Map button. There, you can click an island you wish to replay and, if you don’t have enough fragments, you’ll get the option to ask your friends for more – you will place a feed on your wall and if your friends click it, you’ll receive map fragments.

Finally, you can get the Map Fragment from your friends as a free gift. However, one must be of level 15 or above in order to be allowed to send Map Fragments.

Are you starting to replay completed islands on Treasure Isle?