It’s Thursday once again and that mean one thing; new items in Restaurant City. It is week 2 of the Wonderland Tea Party and there are two new dishes that you can learn.

The first of the new dishes is High Tea. It has three ingredients, which are Tea Leaves, Milk, and Water. These ingredients are five stars; therefore you might have a hard time learning this one. You might try trading ingredients with your friends to get them.

The second dish is the Eat Me. This is found in the Dessert Section. Just like last week’s Drink Me, you’ll receive a reward when you reach level 10 of this recipe. The prize is a pet Cheshire Cat. For this recipe you’ll need Saffron, Apple, Vanilla, and Sugar.

You have twenty days to learn the two dishes. That’s enough time to gather the ingredients. To help you with the ingredients, Playfish added Saffron and Apple in the free gifts list that you can send to your friends in Restaurant City.

Also new to the free gifts list are the decorative items – Tea Set and Picnic Basket. There will be other new items to be added in Restaurant City later this week. We’ll announce the new items as soon as they are released.


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