steal-princess-poster1Atlus continue to spoil their fans and this time they want to offer everybody who will purchase Steal Princess a great looking and free poster. However, there is a little problem: they simply can’t decide which of two posters should be offered and, instead of simply giving them both, they want you to choose the one you’d like to receive.

To do so, you simply have to go to this website and cast your vote. Something tells me that the winner is obvious (the one below), from various reasons, but the most important being that it has more skin and personality. But I might be wrong – either way, head over and cast your vote if you wish Steal Princess to deliver the gift you want.

Look for Steal Princess on April 21st, when the game hits the game store shelves, and have in mind that you have time to decide the best poster to come with the game until March 19. But I’m sure you already have your answer, right?