cod-fakeYesterday I brought you the news regarding a rumored leaked detail list for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – one that seemed to be quite interesting, but which kind of came out of nowhere. Today we have further news on the matter: Infinity Ward, the game’s developers, have announced that the list is fake.

“People. This list is fake,” posted Infinity Ward programmer Rayme Vinson on NeoGAF. “I mean; I can’t get into how-much-if-any is true, how much is false, etc (there’s a reason why companies “don’t comment on rumors”… it would NEVER F***ING END), but this list wasn’t put together by anyone with any insider information. There’s also some craziness that should red-flag this as “stuff I made up and wrote down” (like grass camo for snipers… that’s straight out of CoD4 MP).”

However, this doesn’t necessary mean that all things on the list are fake: probably anybody who had played the first COD Modern Warfare would be able to guess some of the features (at least the returning one). It just means that the list is not genuine and we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that most of the Modern Warfare 2 “features” listed there will not be implemented. It would be nice if they would, but that’s another story…


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