Riot Games has enabled a new game mode today, the Showdown. Unlike all the other modes, this feature enables 1v1 and 2v2 death matches. The Showdown countdown is set on the Howling Abyss and it’s a true skill challenge for all summoners – the first player killing wins the match. To achieve victory in the 2v2 set up, players need to obtain two kills before the enemy team. But killing isn’t the only way to win as Riot stated:

With three paths to an honorable victory, will you go full ham and draw first blood, waveclear your way to 100 CS or channel your inner Ziggs and demolish the turret before your opponent?

The mode allows mirror picks and it has a new loading screen display. The Showdown mode is temporarily live, just as it happened with One for All. Riot Games has announced that Showdown will be running during Christmas and New Year, ending on January 2nd.