Sony had to recall all their Little Big Planet copies last week because of some background music problems, as we have reported already. The thing is, however, that some retailers were already selling the game and, of course, there are quite a few people that bought it. Some of them are now trying to get an extra buck off the game which is being sold on eBay for $250. This could probably mean that LittleBigPlanet is the most expensive video game of recent times, right?

According to sellers, this copy of LBP is the true collector’s edition since this version will never be available for purchase anymore. And they have a point here! We are, however, very curious to find out if there will indeed be buyers. $250 is pretty expensive for a song that caused a lot of trouble, don’t you think?

On the other hand, Media Molecule and Sony took the issue very seriously and, even though MM had prepared an automatic patch to solve it, the publishers decided it would be better to withdraw the game and solve the problem in-house. So thumbs up for them!