Konami has just launch a teasing flash site that clearly refers to the Metal Gear franchise – featuring a cryptic message that seems to point to just one direction, there will surely be some heavy guessing involved (and probably lots of cursing) from PlayStation 3 fans, at least until the developers decide to clear the mystery and explain.

Until then, if you follow this link you will get to a flash website created by Konami that apparently ain’t up for much: the company’s logo flashes for a few seconds, then the image you can see in the upper left corner pops.

Being all green and shiny and featuring a symbol that everybody can easily associate with Xbox 360 consoles, the website could be the promoter of some really bad news for PlayStation 3 diehard fans who were glad with the exclusivity of the Metal Gear Solid games. It was already rumored before and it appears that now it’s most likely than ever to see Metal Gear on an Xbox 360. However, there is still another question that rises: is Konami talking about a brand new MGS game or about the port of MGS4 to Microsoft’s console? I guess we’ll see pretty soon…

Until then, what do you think? “A next Metal Gear is…”?