Grab your laser guns, space suits and Soulja Boy disks (Martians simply hate Soulja!) and get ready to defend Earth once again from evil invading aliens! And after you’re all dressed up and prepared to meet the alien hordes, since you’ll probably have lots of waiting to do, you’d better train on Martian Panic, the new Wii title announced by Empire Interactive.

The story of the cutesy little game is simple: The Martian Invasion Force has targeted Earth for complete destruction and players will need more than manpower and firepower to avoid mission defeat. The Martian Mothership looms overhead, draining energy from the Earth’s core and you must save Earth from the extraterrestrial encounter before the Invasion Force vaporizes our planet! Sounds fun? It’s definitely better than Soulja Boy!

Martian Panic also brings an innovating and quite cool feature: you’ll become a real alien-blaster since you’ll now have the option to grab a second Wiimote and start shooting in the dual wielding mode. Or just call up to three more friends and get ready to rumble. As long as you have bullets (or, laser chargers or whatever), the fun should never stop. Simple, old school fun, exclusively on Wii consoles, sometime during the first half of 2009.