Pretty soon, we’ll be able to play Jagged Alliance: Back in Action: Kalypso announced that the game will hit game store shelves on February 10th this year. And I must say that I’m one of the people who are very excited to hear that the game is finally coming and I really have high hopes from it. If it manages to be just half as good as the original, then I am happy.

But of course, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action promises more than that: real time strategy blended with the classic tactical combat of the series, as well as RPG-like character evolution.

The story in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is set in the “classic” Arulco, a tropical country that has been taken by a ruthless dictator and it’s your job to overthrow him with the help of a bunch of mercenaries. The story is similar to that of the previous game where Deidriana was the ruthless dictator and we can only hope that this means “back to basics”.

Kalypso also launched a trailer for the upcoming Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and I invite you to check it out below, as it is very impressive:

Now doesn’t the main character look a bit like Liam Neeson? We’ll see for sure on February 10th, when the game is released.