Flower Season is declared in Frontierville and with it comes new Decorations that you can purchase in the Market. These items will definitely add more color to your homestead.

There are eight flower decorations you can choose from. These are: (cost, XP reward)

  • White Flowers (200 Coins, 2 XP)
  • Blue Flowers (200 Coins, 2 XP)
  • Yellow Flowers (200 Coins, 2 XP)
  • Small Flowerbed (200 Coins, 2 XP)
  • Flower Pot (200 Coins, 2 XP)
  • Round Flower Pot (200 Coins, 2 XP)
  • Long Flower Pot (500 Coins, 5 XP)
  • Flower Bed (2,000 Coins, 20 XP)

Not only that, you can also buy a limited edition Spiral Flower from the Market for 14 Horseshoes. When you buy this one, you’ll also get 84 XP. Still available from the Market is the Tree House for 20 Horseshoes and will get you 120 XP.

Along with the flowers, the Market has been introduced with three other decorations for homestead. These are:

  • Stone Border (1 Wood 200 Coins, 2 XP)
  • Thin Cobblestone (1 Wood 200 Coins, 2 XP)
  • Bird House (10 Wood 1,500 Coins, 15 XP)

These are the new items that can liven up your homestead in Frontierville. What items did you get?