I’m sorry for this late update. Chapter three of Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: South Africa is now open. The final chapter of the Fix the Biggest Game special event has four jobs to complete. These are:

Insert your Crooked Refs – 10 percent job mastery per try with 3/4/5 Counterfeit Tickets required.

Push the Favorite – 9 percent job mastery per try with 4/5/6 Counterfeit Tickets required.

Flip the Switch on the Final – 8 percent job mastery per try with 5/6/7 Counterfeit Tickets required.

Collect from the Bookmakers – 7 percent job mastery per try with 6/7/8 Counterfeit Tickets required.

You’ll get 30 bonus Counterfeit Tickets for adding a member to your crew, for a maximum of two new mafia members. You’ll also get 40 Counterfeit each day by just going to the Challenge Mission: South Africa page.

Once you complete chapter three, you’ll receive the Penalty Kick. It’s a vehicle with 110 Attack 59 Defense stat.

You have less than three days to complete the Challenge Mission