The recently introduced FarmVille feature, the Beehive, requires you to own a Queen Bee after building your bee hive. However, as you might know already, having a Queen Bee is not as easy as it might first seem and it’s vital if you wish to build a colony. Therefore, you’re certainly wondering how to get a Queen Bee in FarmVille. I have the answer!

The easiest way of owning a Queen Bee would be that of buying it from the market for 10 FV cash. However, since not everybody wants to pay real money for game features, Zynga allows us to find a queen bee too.

Therefore, you can get a Queen Bee in FarmVille by planting and harvesting flower crops on your farm or by fertilizing your neighbors’ flower crops. Note that this is a random event, but it will eventually happen and you will find your Queen Bee. Upon finding a Queen Bee, you can share one on your wall, so if you need one it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on your wall.

Did you manage to get the Queen Bee in FarmVille or you’re still searching for one?

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