A new decorative item is available from the Market in Frontierville. The Picnic Blanket comes with a picnic basket.

To unlock the Picnic Blanket, you need to add five more neighbors. As you can see from the screenshot, I need 32 neighbors to unlock it. Currently I have 27 friends in Frontierville. You can unlock it for 7 Horseshoes but I think it’s unnecessary to do so.

The Picnic Blanket costs 500 Coins and rewards you 7 XP. It’s static and doesn’t do anything except look like your toon is having a picnic in the wilds.

The Picnic Blanket will be perfect with a Campfire and Tent to create a campground in a small patch of your homestead.

The Picnic Blanket is a way for Zynga to entice people to invite their friends to play Frontierville. Although at present this is not needed because the game is gaining more players daily.

What do you think about the Picnic Blanket? Will you be adding more neighbors just to unlock it? Share with us a photo of your Picnic Blanket if you bought one.