IGFThe 15th iteration of the Independent Games Festival today announced the winners of this year’s awards.

The Seumus Mcnalley Award for best overall game goes to Cart Life, a game with retro graphics chronicling the lives of several street vendors living in a small US city. In addition to the prestigious award, Creator Richard Hofmeimer will receive $30,000 in recognition of his efforts. On top of winning best game, Cart Life also received both a Best Narrative Award and the Nuovo Award for “abstract and unconventional games.” As part of these two awards, Richard will receive further prize money in the form of $3000 and $5000 respectively.

The hit space rougelike FTL also accrued several honours at the IGF, receiving recognition for Excellence in Design and taking home the Audience Award. Developer Subset Games will be given $3000 dollars alongside each of these awards.

While no other title received multiple awards, many other games were also recognised for excellence in specific areas along with $3000 cash prizes. Tomorrow Corporation picked up an award in Technical Excellence for their fireplace simulation game Little Inferno, while Cardboard Entertainment’s episodic adventure game Kentucky Route Zero received acknowledgment for Excellence in Visual Design. Meanwhile Jepp Carson was granted the award for Excellence in Audio for his beat based platformer 140. Best Student Game was awarded to the third person skating game Zineth by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

All of these games, along with the other finalists from this year’s Independant Game Festival will be available in the IGF Pavillion at the GDC until March 29. Alternatively, Kentuck Route Zero, FTL, Cart Life and Little Inferno are all currently on sale on Steam.