Recently, Nintendo unveiled it’s latest software innovation, Nintendo Web Framework, at GDC ’13. Combining both HTML5 (which has seen a great increase of use in the software development community as of late) and JavaScript, NWF seeks to make it as easy as possible for application and game developers to build software for the Wii U, as well as port existing programs to the Wii U smoothly.

We have been able to deploy various services for this console with less in-house development resources in a more timely manner than our previous platforms

Confident in the viability of marketing third party apps and games, Nintendo was quick to tell the story of Gunman Clive, a game made originally for the iOS and ported later to Android devices. When it was ultimately ported to the 3DS, however, its sales saw a massive leap on the eShop. As for demos, Sketch Battle, a game made entirely with JavaScript was shown to be fully functional when rebuilt for the Wii U, as well.

This announcement only builds on Nintendo’s removal of the Concept Approval policy. In short, this decision now makes it so that developers can circumvent a large amount of first party control of their products, set their own prices &c.. Taken together, this is somewhat of a quantum leap for market openness; indies, rejoice!!