project-natal-for-pcProbably the best thing presented during this year’s E3 Media Summit was Microsoft’s Project Natal, a really impressive 3D motion sensing technology that was not only able to completely read body movements and turn them into on-screen ones, but also capable of reading one’s emotions by analyzing their face and tone of voice. I think it is one of the hugest leaps in terms of technology, one with a huge potential impact on how gaming in the next few years will look like. However, we all thought that Project Natal was Xbox 360-exclusive. Which appears to have been incorrect.

Speaking to CNET, Microsoft’s boss Bill Gates brought the amazing news that Project Natal will also be available to PC users – but he didn’t go too deep into the details and he didn’t hurry to announce a possible release date either. However, it’s still an impressive news, one that should be incredibly exciting for the PC users.

However, it appears that for starters Project Natal might not be intended to be used for playing games on personal computers: “I think the value is as great for if you’re in the home, as you want to manage your movies, music, home system type stuff, it’s very cool there,” said Bill Gates. “And I think there’s incredible value as we use that in the office connected to a Windows PC. So Microsoft research and the product groups have a lot going on there, because you can use the cost reduction that will take place over the years to say, why shouldn’t that be in most office environments.”

Although I must admit that allowing Project Natal to be there just for computer navigation purposes is not as impressive as controlling complete games using the technology, I know that at least the huge teams of modders will make it happen in PC gaming too, if the big companies will decide against using Project Natal as a PC gaming experience and will keep it Xbox 360 exclusive.

Until then, if you haven’t seen the Project Natal presentation during this year’s E3, check it out below and be amazed!