If you played Diablo 3 already (and you probably did, like the rest of the world), you probably saw that you are forced to select one skill from each of the skill tree categories (Defense, Primary and so on). However, this is not entirely true! You are not forced to do this and you can easily unlock complete customization of the skill tree in Diablo 3 without cheating or hacking – it’s a feature of the game. It’s just that the game itself does not directly tell you about it.

So if you are a true hardcore player and you want full control on the skill tree customizations, then you must read this guide to see how to do it in Diablo 3!

1. Click the Menu button in the game (or press the Esc key).
2. Click Options in the Game Menu, then select the Gameplay sub-menu
3. Notice that at the lower right corner of the screen you have the Elective Mode checked. Uncheck it then click Apply to save your changes and return to the game
4. Finally, you can now right click a skill in your action bar and then use the arrows to navigate through the skills from each category. And, therefore, you can bring the customization to maximum levels!

And, as you see, this was not difficult at all – just something many of us forget to even think might be possible. Thanks PC Gamer for the heads up!

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