Despite your best efforts (and ours with our GTA 5 money guide), you might end up low on cash and maybe unwilling to repair your car in GTA 5 by spending money. And since you probably love that car, you don’t want to leave it either, so we’ve decided to come here and share with you this simple guide on how to repair your car for free in Grand Theft Auto 5.

There is actually more than one way to repair your car for free in the game. Here are the methods:

1. If you have the time, drive to your garage. Store the damaged car inside your garage, then exit with another vehicle. When you re-enter the garage (even immediately after leaving in a new vehicle), your previously damaged car will be brand new.

2. An exploit that many people on forums report to be working is the character switch exploit. In order to do this, when you are driving the damaged car, switch to a different character and them immediately switch back to the driver. Your car will be fixed for free!

3. Invest in property. As Franklin, when you can purchase the Los Santos Customs business, all your car repairs (AND upgrades) will be free of charge. For more details on purchasing property, check out our guide.

4. Quick save your game and reload while being in a vehicle. Your vehicle will be repaired.

And this is it! You now have three tricks on how to repair your car for free in Grand Theft Auto 5, make sure to use them wisely!
When playing as Franklin you have the opportunity to purchase a Los Santos Customs. Once you do this all repairs and upgrades to vehicles will be free!