I know that I’ve spent a lot of time in City of Wonder trying to figure out how to move the buildings (or how to rotate them), and I’m sure that the same has happened to you, therefore I want to share with you this short guide on how to move City of Wonder buildings, how to rotate them and sell them.

The secret here is to go in the build mode in order to have the options to manage the buildings: in order to enter the build mode, simply click the Build icon (as if you’d like to purchase a new structure) and then, instead of buying any structure, click the building you want to manage.

Now you will have more options available, including the option to move the building. Other options are:

– Sell building
– Put away (which means that you store the building and can re-place it later)
– Flip – rotate

Hope this helps and you can now customize the appearance of your CoW civilization!