Buildings are the most important aspect in City of Wonder, since they define everything from your stats to population and can help you progress through the ages of the game. Therefore, I am sure that a guide to buildings in City of Wonder is really welcomed: sit back and enjoy. Afterwards, you’ll know everything about the buildings in the game!

1. Residential Buildings
Also known as housing buildings these are required to increase your population – each building attracts new residents at different rates and numbers. When a Residential Building is ready, an icon will appear above it. Clicking ready buildings will increase your population by the amount the building produces!

2. Goods Buildings
You can earn Silver and experience from harvesting the goods buildings. Goods take different amounts of time to produce and generate different amounts of income. Be sure to come back and collect them when they’re ready, otherwise they may spoil! Goods buildings also contribute Trade Points to success in Trade Expeditions.

3. Market Buildings
These are similar to the Goods Buildings, but generate far less income at faster rates buy they never spoil. So it wouldn’t hurt to have a few of these to cover for the worst crisis. Markets also contribute Trade Points to success in Trade Expeditions.

4. Cultural Buildings
These work hand in hand with the houses: cultural buildings make your people happy, and happiness is required to increase population. They also get dirty and must be cleaned up periodically, otherwise they will give you no happiness. Cultural Buildings also contribute Culture Points to success in Cultural Exchange Expeditions.

5. Military Buildings
These strategic structures contribute Attack and Defense to Military Expeditions (and also protect you from other attacks). Make sure to keep them clean as well, since otherwise they will not give you any bonuses!

6. Marvels
You can build this amazing structures with the help of your friends and get some amazing bonuses. Once a Marvel is placed in your city, click it to view progress, and ask friends for help by posting on your wall. You can also use Gold to complete construction more quickly!

7. Roads
These are simple decorations that are not required in order for your buildings to work (which means that you don’t need to connect them to buildings)