Survey Authorizations are the first items needed in FrontierVille in order to complete the series of quests to expand your homesteads. If you’re curious to find out how to get more Survey Authorizations as fast as possible, then read on this guide!

“There are two ways of getting the required authorizations in no time:

1) The easiest one is to ask your friends to send you the gift themselves: Simply click the icon of the Land Expansion Part 2 goal (to the left of your screen), where the requirements to complete the goal are. There, you will see the “Ask your friends” button which will allow you to post a wall message announcing your friends that you need survey authorizations. And you need 10 to click the button and help you!

2) Keep an eye on the Facebook wall and send Survey Authorizations to your friends! For each authorization you send, you receive one in return, so it helps you to be helpful with the neighbors!

However, there is a strange limit of three when it comes to sending the Survey Authorizations, which means that you have to act really fast in order to get them!”

Article courtesy of FrontierVille Info