For the second time around, Zynga will be having the Beat the Feds Event in Mafia Wars. They said that it will come this Friday (August 13) but there’s not sign of it yet.

For ten days, you have to beat four bosses with the help of your mafia members. The boss fights are like the bosses in Las Vegas but each Fed having three mastery levels, which are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The reward item’s stats are based on the mastery level with the maximum being achieved by completing the gold mastery of each boss.

The rewards for each Fed are:

  • Agent Karlin – Silk Thunder (84 Attack 59 Defense)
  • Agent Miller – Combat Chopper (90 Attack 72 Defense)
  • DEA Iverson – Ballistic Vent (72 Attack 103 Defense)
  • DA Embry – Bald Eagle (115 Attack 109 Defense)

When you beat all four Feds at Gold Mastery, you’ll receive the Rain Maker. It increases the money you earn from Las Vegas fights by five percent.

To beat the feds, make sure that you have lots of fight consumables such as health kits, shiv, and stun guns. This will help you defeat them, especially on the gold mastery.