In connection with the Beat the Feds Event, there are new Free Gifts items in Mafia Wars. These items can help you beat the four bosses, as well as the District bosses in Las Vegas.

The four Boss Fight Items that are found in the Free Gift items are:

  • Health Kit – use to partially heal you during a boss fight.
  • Stun Gun – use to stun a boss during a boss fight.
  • Grenade – use to deal damage to the boss and his henchmen.
  • Shiv – use to deal direct damage to the boss during a boss fight.

These boss fight items can give you the advantage against the bosses. You need a lot of these items, especially the Stun Gun, to beat the bosses in the higher mastery levels. In the Beat the Feds Events, that’s the Gold Mastery Level, which is the third and final level.

Aside from the Boss Fight Items, the Mystery Bag from the Free Gifts contains new items and new surprises for Mafia Wars players. Also for a limited time period, you can send a Club Owner or a Fat Cat to your mafia members.