The release of the FrontierVille Homestead Expansion series of goals has brought some new challenges for FrontierVille players. Amongst them, one of the trickiest to achieve is the need for 10 Map Coordinates in order to complete the third goal in the series. I am sure you are curious to find out how to get more Map Coordinates in the game, so read on!

First method is to ask your friends for more Map Coordinates by clicking the goal’s icon to the left and selecting the “Ask friends” green button. Once clicked, you will have to choose from your list at most 30 of your friends and send them a request for the Map Coordinates. It’s up to them to send them to you or not.

The second method is to answer friends requests yourself – whenever you click to send a friend a Map Coordinate in FrontierVille, you receive one as well, so answering your friends’ requests is also a good way of getting some extra Map Coordinates in order to finish your goal.

Have you managed to get all the required Map Coordinates in the game?