The launch of the Homestead Expansion quests in FrontierVille also introduced a new building, the Land Office. Unlike the previous buildings in the game which were available from starters, the Land Office must be unlocked before being available to be built. If you’re curious to see how to get a Land Office in FrontierVille, check out the guide below:

“First of all, you need to complete the fourth quest in the Homestead Expansion series, and only then the Land Office will become available for purchase.

But once you get it and place it on your Homestead, it’s not ready and still needs to be whacked 19 times. After that, in order to complete the building, you will need 10 of each building materials, so our building materials gift links list might be really useful!

Once you’ll finish building your Land Office, you’ll be able to both collect a daily bonus and get a chance at finding an item from the Land Office collection, as well as craft inside Cartographers Tool and Land Grant.”

This guide is courtesy of FrontierVille Info.