Zynga is trying to convince everybody that their games are indeed the REAL social games, and have introduced a new feature that will hopefully increase the interactions between the FarmVille neighbors. The new feature is called Daily Good Deeds and it certainly makes helping friends a lot easier!

The Daily Good Deeds list appears on the left side of the screen and it shows you how many daily good deeds you have left. Initially, there will be 5 good deeds for you, but the number will go down as you complete the tasks.

Helping friends is very, very easy and it only requires you to click one button in order to help a specific friends. Tasks vary from sending in materials for different types of buildings to sending collectibles, mystery gifts and probably more. As I said, the great thing about the Daily Good Deeds in FarmVille is that you only have to click a button and never leave your farm – and I’m sure we all love simple things, right?

Unfortunately, there is no reward for completing the daily good deeds list – but that makes sense in a way since we should all learn to do a good deed for free and not for a reward!

What do you think about this new FarmVille feature? Do you like it or not?