There is a new vehicle in FarmVille starting today, the Truck Seeder, and I am sure that everybody wants to own one, especially since the stats of this vehicle (un-upgraded) are simply incredible. So if you want to know how to get the Truck Seeder for your farm, read on!

For now (and probably that’s how it’s going to stay), the FarmVille Truck Seeder is only available as a golden prize for the latest co-op mission in the game, Bakery Delivery. This means that you must start the co-op job and finish it in time to win the Gold Medal in order to win the Truck Seeder – not an easy task, but I’m sure that if you really want this new vehicle, you’ll find a way to complete it!

What makes the Truck Seeder so special? Well, except for the fact that it’s a new vehicle that looks really cool, it also has some great stats: it can seed 4×3 plows of land before upgrading it! This further means that after upgrading this little fellow has the chance of turning into a real monster – in a good way!

Have you managed to get the Truck Seeder in FarmVille already?