There’s a new job in the FarmVille Co-op Marketplace and one with an incredible reward: if you want to learn everything about the new Bakery Delivery job and it’s gold reward, the Truck Seeder, then read on!

The new Bakery Delivery Co-op job tries to bring back to life this FarmVille feature and it will certainly manage to do it since it offers as a reward the truck Seeder, an incredible seeder that has an area effect of 4×3 plots of land without upgrades!

In order to complete the Bakery Delivery job and get the Gold award (the only one that rewards you with the Truck Seeder), you must plant and harvest 1450 plows of wheat in less than 1 day and 7 hours. So you and your friends certainly have to be well organized, otherwise you won’t be able to complete this job!

However, if you manage to finish the Bakery Delivery in time and grab the gold reward, you will Receive a Truck Seeder in your gift box, a new vehicle that can plant seeds on an area of 4×3, which makes it the biggest regular FarmVille vehicle ever released!

Will you start this co-op job with your friends?