Because of the Mafia Wars/Frontierville cross promo, there are Mafia Wars players who are somewhat forced to play Frontierville for the first time to get the Frontier Chainsaw. Some are clueless as to what to do in Frontierville.

Here are some tips for new Frontierville players. To gain experience faster, accomplish the Goals. Click on the icons on the left side of the screen to find out the requirements for each Goal. Also try to avoid doing tasks that are not asked in the Goals. They wouldn’t count until you have the Goal.

You should also have lots of neighbors as possible. Try inviting your mafia members to be neighbors in Frontierville. Chances are they are also playing the game because of the Frontier Chainsaw cross promo. When you visit a neighbor’s homestead, you’ll get free XP and get to accomplish Goals since some Goals require you to visit a neighbor.

Keep an eye on your friends’ wall posts. When you click on them, you’ll get free XP, coins, or food. You can also hire two neighbors a day to work on your homestead.

Use your Food to refill your energy but keep at least 50 Food because you’ll need it for a Goal.

These are some things you can do to reach Level 7 and get your own Frontier Chainsaw in Mafia Wars. How many days did it take for you to get the Frontier Chainsaw? Is it worth it?