Zynga has a new Frontierville Decorating Contest that will reward the winner with 500 Horseshoes. Their last decorating had a water theme to go along with the launch of water decorations in the game. This time around there will be no theme.

The Frontierville Decorating Screenshot Contest is open to all Frontierville players. All you need to do is to take a screenshot of your homestead and post it on the Frontierville official forums, which can be found here.

You can use anything you want in decorating your homestead. Editing the content with Photoshop is not allowed. The entry must be your homestead and not your neighbor’s.

The deadline for posting entries is on August 16, Monday. The top ten homesteads will be selected by the Frontierville team. From the top ten, Frontierville users can vote for their favorite homestead and the top choice will take home the 500 Horseshoes.

Now don’t just sit there. Take a screenshot of your homestead and post it on the Frontierville Forums. Who knows your homestead might earn you 500 Horseshoes. You got less than a week to join the contest. Good luck to everyone who joined the contest.


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