The Daily Take is a new Mafia Wars feature that rewards daily players. You’ll receive one gift daily up to seven consecutive days. This is different from the daily bonus you get from the Daily Checklist.

Here are the gifts you can get for each day of the Daily Take:

Day 1 – Rack of Chips, Thai Baht, Cuban Peso, New York Cash, or Moscow Rubles
Day 2 – one of each Chop Shop or Weapon Depot construction tool; or weapon or car parts
Day 3 – Daily Chance Ticket or three free slot spins
Day 4 – random boost or 20% Energy Refill
Day 5 – random Collection item
Day 6 – Gold Treasure Chest Key or random Boost
Day 7 – 5 Energy, Attack, Defense, Stamina, or Health

The Daily Take is not yet available for everyone. Lucky players started getting their Daily gifts since August 4. It looks like it is only available on certain servers. Is this one of the Mafia Wars feature that’s only for a select few? It feels like Zynga is playing favoritism here.

Have you received your Daily Take yet? What items did you get from it?